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Staff / Leadership


The Joseph Priestley District consists of 71 Unitarian Universalist congregations in five states and the District of Columbia, with a board of trustees, staff, and committees designed to support member congregations.

The District Executive is frequently in the field for trainings, consultations and other assistance to  congregations and church leaders.

The Director for Youth and Young Adults assists congregations in developing campus ministry programs and youth and young adult programs in churches.

The Development Director assists congregations in enhancing their stewardship and works to build support for Chalice Lighters and Chalice Keepers, the JPD Endowment for Growth.

The Director of the Adjunct Staff Program manages the Adjunct Staff who provide many different services to congregations.

The District Administrator & Administrative Assistant are at the crossroads of our communication with churches and their leaders, ensuring timely response to requests and directing contacts to appropriate members of our staff team in the field.

In addition, the JPD is a partner with three other districts in the Central East Regional Group (CERG) which have added resources in Growth, Life Span Faith Development, and Leadership Development.

We also have a Racial and Social Justice Contractor that can assist congregations in taking their faith into the world.