The Joseph Priestley District provides a wide range of programs and services to congregations to assist them in building strong vibrant religious institutions.  Here is a comprehensive list of programs and links to further information on our website:

 Board and Leadership
The JPD provides consultations, workshops, and additional support for boards and other leadership roles within congregations.  Boards and leaders need additional resources to practice healthy leadershiip.  We have also created on line resources for boards and leaders.  See our Board and Leadership Reources page.
Conflict Management
Sometimes people get into situations that need an outside source to bring about a healthy solution. Congregations have access to trained facilitators to assist them when conflict erupts.  Contact the District Executive for help.

Growth Strategies
Congregations seeking help with strategies for growth will find several resources that the JPD provides such as consultations, workshops, and grants for growing stronger congregations. Also see our Growth Resources page

Leadership Workshops
An ongoing series of workshops are offered each year on various topics for leaders in congregations.  Check our calendar for the most current listing of workshops.  An annual district assembly brings a rich assortment of programs together in one place.

Leadership Webinars
In addition to in-person workshops we offer a variety of web based workshops where you can either participate as they happen or take them through our on-demand services.  New content is being added constantly.

Leadership Development
Sometimes the need is for a resource that is not readily seen on our site.  Specialized consultations by our staff can be tailored to the situation.  Adjunct Staff are available to lead retreats for boards, search committees, and others.  Contact the District Executive for help.

Life Span Faith Development
A staff specialist is available through the Central East Regional Group for training.  Programs are offered for Our Whole Lives and Renaissance Modules.

Music Resources
The JPD has resources to assist a congregation in developing its music ministry.  We offer start up workshops for music directors and consultation on music ministry issues.  Contact the District Office for assistance.

Racial Justice
The JPD has an active Journey Toward Wholeness team to assist congregations in living into a multicultural world.  A staff member is available for consultations and training of leaders.

Social Justice
The JPD partners with Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice and the Legislative Ministries in the states to provide coordination and resources to assist congregations. 

Staff Development
Each year various training opportunities are offered for teams of staff to develop stronger skills.  The District Executive is available for consultations on all staffing issues.

Staff Transitions
The JPD offers startup workshops for any new staff in congregations.  The District Executive works with boards around ministerial transitions.  Other district staff work with congregations on many other transitions of congregational staff.

Stewardship Development
Congregations seeking guidance for improving their annual canvass will find assistance here.  We also offer training in planned giving programs and fundraising in general.

Youth Activities
There are many offerings to stimulate youth in growing their faith.  We sponsor four Cons a year where youth get together under adult supervision. 

Young Adults
Young adult programs are provided on an annual basis.  A staff member works closely with congregations to assist them in developing meaningful congregationally based ministries for young adults.
Worship ArtsThere is an annual festival that offers great workshops to help congregations improve their worship services.  This festival takes place in late February each year.  See our Worship Arts Resource Page.

JPD serves to remind its member congregations that you are not alone! 

Please contact cristina [at] jpduua [dot] org if you would like more information on any of the services listed above.